Yasu MACHIDA|町田 泰彦




Yasuhiko MACHIDA

Born in Kansai area of Japan in 1975. Spent childhood in places full of nature such as Shikoku (one of Japan’s four main islands) and New Zealand. Made architecture tours in the US and Europe in the 90s and recently made it to South America. Lived in Kitakamakura, Japan, for about 4 years and established Machida Architecture & Landscape Office there. Worked as an art design assistant for Kouhei Oguri’s film “Buried Forest” in 2004 and moved the office to Mashiko in 2005. While mainly engaging in residential design, work as a carpenter at building sites as well. Practice the expression (art) for life through presenting the works through exhibitions and open house.

Exhibited the first short story “Fly, Dove fly” at Gallery Umeya in Fukuoka, Japan and started making a documentary film of the same name in 2011. Published the second short story “Kagayaku Ie (A Shining House)” in 2012 to coincide with the Meguro CLASKA’s group exhibition. Also presented the architectural work to the Hijisai Art Festival held by Mashiko town. Finished the shooting of “Fly, Dove fly” in 2015 and started the screening in the spring of 2016.